My deepest thanks to the staff of Alpha Senior Concepts. You gave my mom wonderful care and support. I will always give my best referrals to anyone looking for an assisted living place.

Thank you,


To All the Staff,

I often tell others how great a place my mom is at but neglect to say it to you all. I want you to know I can't be more impressed with the beautiful patient care you give to all the residents in your care. It's so calm and clean and joyful. Amazing! Keep up the great work, each of you is a vital part of the whole environment there. Thank you!

Donna C.


Dear Alpha Owners and Staff,

The minute I walked into your facility, I knew it was something very special. I cannot thank you enough for all your loving care of Dick and all the rest of the residents.

The Christmas party was pure joy - for everyone. I was so very impressed with everything. The food was great and Mr. and Mrs. Santa couldn't have been better - and so kindly to all.

May you all be richly blessed with all that is good.

Much Love to All-
Karen and Dick Ambrose



I just wanted to thank you and your staff for taking such good care of my mom... She told me she loved it there. She said that everyone is "sooo nice" there and then she emphasized "Every one of them!" She also showed my sister how during a meal, the workers will take a bite of their food and then look around to see if anyone needs help, take another bite then look around and continue eating that way. She has told me twice this month how much she loved it there.

Thank you again to you and your staff. I also enjoyed the devotions and singing this morning. I needed that as much, if not more, than everyone else (also the exercise - ha!)!

Resident's Daughter


Good morning Jean and Dee,

I just have to share with you how wonderful it is to know that Mom is safe and cared for. You have some INCREDIBLE staff.

I would like to share a positive experience I had yesterday when I needed to take Mom to the dentist. I had called ahead of time so that she would be ready when I arrived (as I was coming straight from work with not a lot of time to spare). Mom was ready, with her jacket at the door. Very nice! Matt greeted me and confirmed I didn’t need any paperwork for the Dentist, which I did not.

While Mom was getting her teeth cleaned, I called to be sure they held her supper for her because the Dentist was running 1/2 hour behind. Matt happened to answer, and told me he already took care of that. Very considerate!

Bringing Mom back to Alpha is always the worst, because she NEVER remembers being there, the building etc. And when EVER I take her out, I spend those minutes and hours answering the same question (not exaggerating - 30 times on the way back yesterday) "Where are you taking me?" "Why" "How long have I been there?" "Where is this place" and on and on. As we drive, I do ALL I can to keep changing the subject, to bring up stories I've told before to make her laugh, anything to distract her when we arrive back at Alpha.

When we got back at Alpha about 6:00pm, I'm getting Mom out of the car and her paranoia was growing. But when we walk in the door, there is Matt - RIGHT THERE - with a big smile on his face welcoming her. Mom says "Well look who's here!", and Matt immediately "takes the reigns" and guides Mom to the dining room for her dinner. Excellent caregiver!

I quick ran back to her room to check on things, then went to the west dining room to update someone on her Dentist appointment. There were 4 CNA’s all busy trying to help residents, ...and a very friendly and caring CNA came up and asked if she could help me. I asked her name, and it was Abby (who I certainly recognize and is always wonderful!). I updated her, and went back to Mom in the east dining room. I find Matt sitting and eating with her! He told me he waited to eat so she didn't have to eat alone! Needless to say, I LOVE Matt ... Then Abby walks up to us and scoots down so she is level with Mom and chats with her. Mom was clearly fond of Abby and said "Well, look who's back!"...

The type of care I witnessed last night by Matt and Abby is what sets Alpha apart from what we've experienced before. It is such a burden off my shoulders knowing that Mom is there and treated with respect and love. Thank you for all you both do. I continue to pray for everyone there.

I ask that you please share this email with Matt and Abby. I want them to know their sincere care does not go unnoticed!

God bless, Julie


Dear Jean, Sue, Corine and all the Super Staff at Alpha Senior Concepts,

My heart and all my family's hearts are full of gratitude to you all for the loving and so dignified care Dave flourished in. The compassion Dave received as he was passing was beautiful and provided us with peace and comfort. He did love the happy atmosphere, music and activity, plus the yummy food!!! We always felt so welcome when spending time with Dave. The gardens outside were beautiful. We had hours of pleasure there able to watch the clouds passing over - a favorite activity. With so many health problems, we felt confident that all orders from Dave's physicians were followed with care which was so important to us. There could not be a better place for Dave to be able to enjoy his days granted to him by a gracious God.

Thank you for providing this special place for us to share.

Hugs & Love,
Barbara Strom


Dear Alpha Staff,

There are no words that can truly express my family's gratitude for your unbelievable care and compassion for our mom at her end of life. We knew we had chosen a nice place that would care for her at a time that we were unable to do so any longer. But, after staying at Alpha for 5 days and seeing how the staff works with each other and care for the residents was so heart warming. It is obvious to me that it is a God given gift that you have. You are a loving, caring and talented group of professionals. Not only did you show love and compassion to mom until her passing, you took care of us to make sure we were fed incredible food and comfortable at all times. You helped make our last moments with mom very special. I sing your praises and know there is not another place we could have had mom that would have even come close. We will miss all of your smiling faces. Thank you so much!

Peggy P.


Dear Alpha Staff,

Hello everyone. i would like to express my heartfelt gratitude for the care and kindness you provided for my mother... I also want to thank you for watching over me while I was there.

Thanks again.

Dan M.


Dear CNA's,

Your help went far beyond what we'd hoped for, and we are grateful for all your care and concern.

Dan and ....Family



I want to thank you again for so beautifully carrying out your vision and your philosophy. The treatment of so many memory impaired individuals is so archaic in so many places. I guess to some degree because there is so much variability in symptoms and skills, and also because the population is growing so rapidly. I just am so impressed by your commitment to authentic care and respect for all of your residents. Your high ideals are clearly carried down through your staff. The atmosphere is caring and happy and respectful and peaceful.

Congratulations. And thank you!

Rändi Fay



Our parents have been living at Alpha since it opened. 

We've always been impressed with the care that is given. The staff will always go the "extra mile" for the residents.

We feel very welcome when coming to visit.

Thank you for your commitment.

Gary and Barb K.


I was visiting my grandmother and I really enjoyed my visit with her there. The staff was very friendly and the place seemed full of love!

Laura Kust

(Granddaughter of Laura Kust)

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