Expectations - Dementia Prognosis and Complications

How quickly Alzheimer's Disease (AD) gets worse is different for each person. If AD develops quickly, it is more likely to worsen quickly. Patients with AD often die earlier than normal, although a patient may live anywhere from 3 - 20 years after diagnosis. The final phase of the disease may last from a few months to several years. During that time, the patient becomes immobile and totally disabled. Death usually occurs from an infection or a failure of other body systems.


  • Loss of ability to function or care for self
  • Bedsores, muscle contractures (loss of ability to move joints because of loss of muscle function), infection (particularly urinary tract infections and pneumonia), and other complications related to immobility during end stages of AD
  • Falls and broken bones
  • Loss of ability to interact
  • Malnutrition and dehydration
  • Failure of body systems
  • Harmful or violent behavior toward self or others

Support Groups

Here at Alpha Senior Concepts we know how important proper education and support is when it comes to coping with a dementia diagnosis. For that reason we offer support groups to help guide you through life after an Alzheimer's disease or other dementia diagnosis.

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